Adrien Broner is the NOT THE NEXT BIG THING

Everyone is saying after last weekend's fight Adrien Broner is the next big thing, writer Hector Gonzalez goes in on why you shouldn't get too excited.

Afterlast weekend's fight, Adrien Broner vs Paulie Malignaggi, Adrien Broner failed to prove that he is boxing’s next big thing. My scorecard is as follows; rounds 1-5, 10 for Malignaggi and rounds 6-9, 11 & 12 for Broner, which would technically be a draw. I believe that some rounds could have gone either way, but I will give Broner enthusiasts the benefit of the doubt because who won and who lost is not the point of the article.

The point is that Broner did not meet the expectation. After all for a guy who was the 13- 1 favorite, he certainly did not look like it.

To fully appreciate my perspective you have to go back in time. We’ll start with a fight that happened in 2009. It was Fernando Quintero vs Adrien Broner.

There is no boxing aficionado who has not concluded that this fight was a clear robbery as Quintero deserved the victory. What made Quintero successful in the fight was his hip movement and head movement as well as a solid jab, and most importantly letting his hands go when Broner was stationary. We then have to look at the fight between Daniel Ponce De Leon vs Adrien Broner and that was in 2011. That fight was commentated by HBO and you clearly hear Max Kellermen say that Broner “did too little to win the fight”. I agree with him, Ponce De Leon was clearly robbed. For the sake of argument lets just say that Broner was the clear winner against Ponce, but you have to remember Ponce was KO’d by Juan Manuel Lopez, completed dominated by Yurikis Gamboa and recently KO’d again by Abner Mares. Ponce De Leon has basic fundamentals, who was successful against Broner by using a solid jab and constantly keeping him at a distance.

Having referenced both the Quintero fight and the Ponce De Leon fight, tonight’s fight would be the third fight that could be considered skeptical victories for Broner.

I would encourage people to Youtube the Broner vs Quintero fight. Teddy Atlas draws out Broner’s mistakes such as Broner spreading his feet to wide making him immobile and making his body an easy target. Even though the fight took place in 2009, unfortunately those are mistakes that he continued to make during tonight’s fight. There is another fighter who comes to mind who recently was also called the ‘Next Big Star’ and that is Amir Khan. Many of us who had been paying attention to the flaws in Amir Khan predicted that he was going to lose very soon (look up some of my past articles on Amir Khan on BN24) based on the flaws we saw and how they would match up against other fighters. I believe that Adrien Broner is going to have a similar fate and it will be against a fighter who can move well, has good body punching ability, and who can fight at a distance.

During tonight’s interview, Broner said that he would let the fans decide who they want him to fight next. I’ll provide 3 names- 1.) Lucas Matthysse, 2.) Robert Guerrero, 3.) Keith Thurman. I believe that all three of the fighters listed above will beat Adrian Broner.

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