"De-Bug The System" Shirts Hit The Streets

Silicon Valley De-Bug drops new "De-Bug The System" Tee & Tank, check out the concept of whats behind the shirt that's just not a shirt.

People often think De-Bug, the name, is a place of computers and such, located somewhere in the heart of Silicon Valley. Really, De-Bug has a building located on the back of the San Jose Arena, but really the spirit of De-Bug travels in ways that can't be tracked.

De-Bug is not a computer company, it isn't a company. It's an untold science of how unconventional ways can actually transform this world of systems that are ran by it. De-Bug was started by temp workers at assembly plants where they held their ground at the workplace amongst the other high paid tech management. When the employees had a problem with the motherboard, they would send it down to the De-Bug unit where the DeBug unit would find the problem, expose it, and then solve it.

With that, in all conventional systems of the world that we are used to, there's always been new ways to solve them and to "De-Bug The System" -- which means that everyday we can create new ways to prove these conventional systems are not the full reality and say that with personal experience in guidance, anything is possible. -- Jean Melesaine

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