The Kanye West Yeezus Album: Get With It or Get Left Behind

Hip Hop artist and writer Hegotistic drops a little knowledge for all you Kanye West haters who are about to get "left behind."
I’m going to put it like this. People ask me all the time, what I think of such artist this that or the other. I’ll be at an indy show somewhere in LA or the Bay at some show observing an MC with a clean fade with J’s on. My friend will ask me, what do you think of him? I say this all the time about particular MC’s, “they’re not bad, but they sound like trickled down versions of Kanye West”.
Coincidentally Kanye West’s Yeezus album dropped a couple of weeks back not too long after J.Cole dropped Born Sinner. I’m a J.Cole fan and have been following him when he was relatively unknown and barely discovered by Jay Z in late 2007. I’m a J.Cole fan, but Kanye West just outsold Born Sinner. Respectively, and no disrespect to J.Cole, but he is also a trickle down of Kanye West, the same applies to Drake and Kendrick Lamar. Although I’m a fan of all three, we have to be honest and admit that; the whole college drop out, nice guy who smokes weed and drinks swag, simple flow while holding onto the last syllable of the bar delivery, non threatening, conscious yet contradicting mentally, all stems from Kanye West in 2004,  (atleast on the mainstream level.). The truth is that MC’s are barely catching up now to ‘808’s and Heartbreak’.
Times have changed 
The Yeezus album is a sign that times have changed, Kanye West is also again leading the pack, and everyone else is just going to have to play the catch up game.
You have to look at what’s trending in culture all around, baggy jeans are not in anymore, the youth of today are eclectic hybrids with an over flow of information, It’s okay to be a nerd as long as you have some swag. And most Hip Hop enthusiasts today, whether they are able to articulate it or not know that the 4-count boom bap beat in rap music is old and they just like I are waiting for the next wave in Hip Hop. 
As the tables turn in the time and space continuum, Daft Punk and Kanye West meet. So strange and yet it makes perfect sense, after all, Hip Hop whose roots ultimately include beat machines, turntables, samplers, and synthesizers not far from the electro sound of groups such as Daft Punk and Justice whose sound inherently also stems from the same tools that Hip Hop inherits. Planet Rock or Egyptian Lover anybody?
Daft Punk is one of the producers of the Yeezus album, but don’t think of the pop electro sound of Don’t Stop Now or Around the World… instead think of the electro sound of the French group Justice on the song Stress (speaking of Justice, in their documentary there is footage of Kanye West at one of their concerts bumping his head like a fan boy), then mix that with Capleton for a reggae touch, and the soulfulness of Nina Simone for the cherry on top.  The rhymes come razor sharp with lines such as “A monster is about to come alive again, as soon as I come in and park the Benz, we get this b*ch shaking like Parkinson’s”,  “see there’s leaders and there’s followers, but I’d rather be a d*ck than a swallower ”.
To put it in simple terms Yeezus may not be a Hip Hop masterpiece in a traditional sense, but it is a masterpiece in some sense- not sure what that may be right now, but I do know that right now is not the time to define it…. We’ll have a better understanding in the near future when your favorite MC is rapping with a computer rock flow.
The narcissism of Yeezus
The album does present itself with a harsh dose of narcissism. Kanye calls himself God. His delivery carries enough confidence to say that he has slept with your wife. The overall feeling that I got in regards to Kanye’s narcissistic delivery is him basically saying, “I could make an experimental album, say a bunch of controversial sh*t and I’ll still get away with it.”
Going back to how times are changing; the rappers of yester year never brought such narcissistic elements to their music. For example Tupac never rapped about how he had sex with another mans wife, Wu-Tang never referred to themselves as God’s, and no other rapper before Kanye West has ever said that he was the best rapper alive on an album…

Oh wait, I’m trippin………………. My bad!

About Hector Gonzalez

Hector Gonzalez is a writer, hip hop artist and proud father originally from San Jose, and now is based out of Southern California. He has been published in numerous books and publications and also has performed across the U.S as an emcee by the name of "Hegotistic".

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Big pun said it first not Kanye West, much love tho.... Since Jesus walks Kanye has not been leading the pack, Macklemore far more innovative and universal.

"I'm battlin' Jesus if he passes through my label snatchin' his halo God I pray that you send my father back as an angel"

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