DeBuggin' San Jose's Return of "Music In The Park"

July 19th, 2013 @ St. James Park, San Jose Music in the Park with Ozomatli. SV De-Bug had a great night printing t-shirts live and meeting new amazing people. Check out photos as DeBug hits the return of Music In the Park for a memorable summer day in San Jose.

Sv De-Bug was glad to be a part of this 25th year anniversary of the infamous Music in the Park. Since its shutdown as of last year, it was great to see a one time return with everyones favorite band Ozomatli. We set up our booth and we where off printing t-shirts, meeting good people and enjoying a great eving of local acts like the Sonido Clash, Raul y Mexia and Turbo Sonidero. It was a clean safe party atmosphere at St. James Park and we couldn't have been anymore happy to be able to take part in it. 

Photos by: Daniel G. Valencia & Fernando J. Perez


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