Sonido Clash & The Black Bird Tavern presents Astro (Chile) US Tour 2013

Astro mentioned in the The New York Times for making a splash at this years Latin Alternative Music Conference in New York early this month as they won the LAMC's Discover Award will be performing at an all ages show in Downtown San Jose at The Black Bird Tavern.

Sonido Clash & The Black Bird Tavern present Astro at The Blackbird Tavern stage Tuesday, July 30th! Doors open at 9pm | $5 Presale available @

All Ages | Standing Room Only, Limited Seating - The Black Bird Tavern 200 S.1st st. San Jose, CA 95113

Astro (Octavio Cavieres, Nicolás Arancibia, Daniel Varas and Andrés Nusser) is a renowned Chilean band that stands out not only for its fresh sound and artistic sensibilities, but also for its bold, energetic and highly interpretative live show. Astro has achieved wide recognition on the Chilean independent circuit and, more recently, in the international arena. The group formed in September 2008 and, by mid-2009, was already a force to be reckoned with throughout the local independent scene in Chile.

 It must also be noted that the track “Panda”, another catchy song on their debut LP, was selected to appear on the official video game soundtrack for FIFA 13 (EASports). This will be one event not to miss!

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