*Video* Apricity - The Remembrance of My Father

It is through expression that one may truly find healing in their battles and struggles. In every tunnel, there will always be light. It is the yin and the yang...the true beauty of balance in life..it is the sun's warmth.

This dance was performed 7 years to the day of my father's death by suicide. It celebrates the choice we all have to travel down the path of enlightenment when we face adversity. I chose to extend my relationship with my father through the arts - - to celebrate his life, not mourn over his death. We not only dance for my father, we dance for those who have struggled, those who have attempted, and those who are left behind. Let us feel free to speak out about suicide and address mental health. Expression, not silence, heals the soul." - Stefanie Cary (founder of youspoke.org)


-Stefanie Cary www.youspoke.org

-Cindy Vo www.cindyvoyages.com

Film & Edited: Marlo Custodio

Music: Sigur Rós - Stormur

About Marlo Custodio


Marlo Custodio is a film-maker and community organizer with Silicon Valley De-Bug. Custodio is a graduate from UC Santa Cruz.

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