A True "Head to Head" Battle: California Hair Stylists Compete to See Who's the Best

This past weekend the "Urban Barber College" in Concord had what they called, "UBC Barber Battle: Best of the Best", a competition held to test a barber's skills. Barbers/Hairstylist's from all over the Bay Area to Sacramento, to as far south as L.A. competed to see who would be the best. Here are photos of the competition. 

There was 4 categories in the competition, the 1st event was the "Fastest Fresh Cut" where the professionals had 10 minutes, and the students had 15 minutes to cut the hair of an individual as clean as possible. The 2nd competition was "Freestyle", where the barber would free hand the haircut as they use the head as a canvas. The 3rd event was "Portraits", where the back of the models head would be a canvas, and the stylist would choose a picture of a person they would like to re-create. The final category was the "Classic Cut", where it is a retro comb over styled hair cut.

The "head to head" battle begins as the crowds cheers on their favorite barber out of the roughly 30 competitors.

One of the professionals using a fade and accurate lines during the freestyle part of the event. 

 E of Premium Cutz (The Barber I got cut by), discusses the judging criteria with one of the judges. 

One of the judges looking at one of the professionals as they were cutting during the 1st event. (Freshest Cut)

The stylists were all very talented using intricate and precise hand to razor movements, to create a piece of art.

All sorts of patterns and styles, these stylist putting their creativity and skills to the limit, improvising, and doing anything to give their score high style points. 

Some of the stylist were even using spray on dye to color the hair and get more style points.

Some were going beyond even imagination to blow your mind. This student used an ash tray filled with burning incense on top of his models head. 

At the end of the competition, there was hella people leaving the event satisfied, whether they won or lost. I left with the memorial of my homie E lining me up with the actor Paul Walker in the back of my head.

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