The Release of Society's Debut Album: P.A.S.T.D.U.E.

After months of countless work hours, all night studio sessions, self improvement exercises, and graduating from college, the long awaited solo debut project P.A.S.T.D.U.E. by Society is finally being released.

Society's P.A.S.T. D.U.E. solo debut project includes ten tracks about blue collar living, poverty in our communities, the power to the people struggle, self-acceptance, and the passion to want change. You can hear from the beginning to end of the P.A.S.T. D.U.E. album topics of self-improvement, self-empowerment and constructive criticism about living in the Bay Area. This album features up and and coming producers like Jerm Beats, Vino, MERC., Tai the 13th and Live N Direct, producers from all over the Bay Area that helped Society capture this specific sound and feel.

Society: "The concept behind the naming of the project was intended to be universal. Society is P.A.S.T. D.U.E. meaning we are all Past Due, as a people. Our time has come for us to grow and reach new heights: collectively, consciously, creatively and spiritually."

 "The release party for the project is December 12th at Iguana's in downtown San Jose. The event is free, all ages and will include an open mic for the community. My intentions in throwing the event here was to create a unique experience. I could have attempted to throw a release party at some of the common bars in the San Jose Hip Hop scene but instead, I wanted to break outside of that to create an event that is all ages, inclusive and also open for community participation. In brainstorming of ways to create an experience where the community could feel ownership in the event, I decided to have an open mic at the release. First, I didn't know of anybody else who had an open mic at their release event but i also wanted to include other artists whether poetry or rapping, comedy or monologues, experienced or young. I am involved in various communities so its important for me to create an experience that mirrored that. It is also a big deal to me that the event is all ages. San Jose lacks diversity (and options) in venues and excludes young people in general from the culture of downtown arts; all ages Hip Hop events are rare at best. So throwing the event at Iguana's was a way to break outside of that obstacle."



"Roads Remix" is the 1st single/video off of the project.

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