High School Students Organize to Support San Jose's Homeless

Here is a photo re-cap of the Free Market that took place on December 20th, 2013 organized by the 180 Degrees class from Yerba Buena High School. The event started two weeks prior with students organizing via Facebook, collecting donations, and community outreach with fliers. The photos are when we distributed what we collected at "the jungle" the biggest homeless encampment in the nation. As a class we have overcome a lot, last year we had bad grades, multiple absences, and a high amount of discipline issues. This year we’ve decided to start changing our lives and this project was a part of our process of changing.

Here is one of the students that helped organize the event holding up a hand made sign. Behind you can see the students helping out set up clothes that were donated.

Here are students sorting through the donations.

Here is another student sorting some of the donations that came through out the day.

Here some members of the “The Jungle” finding much needed jackets and clothing.

Many volunteers stopped by for support including Sandy Perry and CHAM.

We had tables and tarps full of donated clothing, toiletries, and blankets for any and all who needed  After a few hours we still were receiving donations and remained open until 1:30.

Here’s members of our class and our teacher, after a long day of regenerating our community

At the end of this Project we all reflected as a class. Each person shared how moved they were by the struggle that each person had to face in “The Jungle”. Ultimately, many of us were so moved we decided we should do it again, so next year on Sunday Jan. 26th, 2014 we will be hosting another free market same location, from 9:00-2:00pm.
For details on how to donate or for more info please check out the Facebook event:


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