Baylingual's Music Picks of the Week

Starting the year off right with another selection of my favorite songs of the week. From seasoned vets to young emcees, check out this week's installment.

(Explicit Lyrics)

Kenson - 23 (Michael Jordan)

Kenson, 23, an emcee from Berkeley brings us this MJ inspired track. Touching on his growth as a person and his aspirations as an artist, Kenson delivers an introspective track that is just as catchy. A must listen!

Dregs One - Can You Relate? ft Favi

Dregs One, a San Francisco native, walks us through the life of a young man growing up in The City on "Can U Relate?". Dregs works with the youth so I can imagine that the story in this song comes from a real place. Personally, I'm a big fan of storytelling raps so this was a no brainer for me.

E.M.A. - Be Somebody

The first thing that caught my attention on this track was the production. The upbeat sound and smooth synths blended together perfectly. The direction E.M.A. took on this was a positive and insiprational one, something I don't hear enough of these days. A reminder to us all to focus on bigger and better things. A great single to start off the year.

I.L.A.M. (Playa Rae x Trey C) - You Know the Name

Playa Rae and Trey C, vets in the underground scene, drop off another classic with "You Know the Name". The duo speak on the independent hustle and touring lifestyle on this one. An ode to the 90's boom bap sound, this song works for me any day of the week.

A1 - This Year Will Be Better

Not sure where to start with this one. A1 has consistently been one of my favorite artists out of the Bay in recent years and he doesn't fail to impress me with "This Year Will be Better". The concept is self explanatory as he delivers an uplifting message coupled with outstanding rhyme schemes. His outlook on his life is a unique one and we're able to share that positive view with him while listening to this track. Looking forward to a great year for this man!

HBK - Never Going Broke

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