Music Video Premiere and Forum with Labor, Civil Rights, & Hip Hop Community on Silicon Valley Inequality

When: Thursday, March 6, 2014, 6:30-830pm Where: Camera 12 Theaters (201 S. 2nd Street, San José. CA 95113 FREE EVENT

In a unique gathering of civic leaders, civil rights advocates and cultural artists -- SV De-Bug will host a forum on the growing economic disparities facing Silicon Valley. The event takes an innovative approach by premiering a music video at a theater to engage the community around an urgent economic, social, and political issue. The video, called "Gold Out West," is by hip hop artist and community organizer Andrew Bigelow (artist name: Society). The 23-year-old Bigelow was inspired to write the song after marching 30 miles with dozens of fixed income Silicon Valley residents from East San Jose to the campuses of Google and Apple in a march called "Heal the Valley" in the winter of 2013. Bigelow says, "I believe in the power of music to bring these very real issues to light, put them on blast, and make the conversation bigger." Ben Fields, Executive Director of the South Bay Labor Council, and featured panelist at the event says, "Income inequality is the most pressing problem facing America today.” While employment and quality of job issues are front and center in the discussion of Silicon Valley's mounting disparity, so is housing. Sandy Perry of the Affordable Housing Network helped organize and lead the Heal the Valley March. He says, "If Silicon Valley cannot even keep its people from freezing to death in the winter, what are we good for?" San Jose City Councilperson Ash Kalra, and event discussant, says the forum can be an opportunity to recalibrate how we create a better future for Silicon Valley. "The bringing together of cultures and traditions from around the globe here to Silicon Valley can be one of our greatest strengths, but only if we use our collective resources to lift up those who are being left out of the enormous opportunity being generated by the global titans of the 21st century industry", says Kalra.

By uniting the various communities and generations who are all facing the issue of dwindling opportunity for some and rising costs for all, we hope to cultivate a solution-based dialogue for us to collectively move forward and create a Silicon Valley that works for everyone.

Facebook Event Page:

When: Thursday, March 6, 2014, 6:30-8:30pm

Where: Camera 12 Theaters (201 S. 2nd Street, San Jose, California 95113)

Confirmed Panelists include:

Ben Field, South Bay Labor Council

Sandy Perry, Community Homeless Alliance Ministry // Affordable Housing Network

Maria Fernandez, Working Partnerships USA

Shamako Noble, Hip Hop Congress

Co-Sponsors Include:

Silicon Valley NAACP

South Bay Labor Council

Working Partnerships USA

Community Homeless Alliance Ministry

Affordable Housing Network

San Jose Zulu Nation

Hip Hop Congress

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