The Life of Andrea Naharro-Gionet

On November 16th, 2013 sixty one year old Andrea Naharro-Gionet was shot and killed by a Santa Clara County Sheriff. Often times in officer involved shootings, the public hears only about the death of the victim, but rarely do they hear about the life lost. In this interview, Andrea's husband talks about her life, spirit, and meaning in his life.

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Why did she get shot?

Dear Raj: You did a wonderful job interviewing and editing this, on the person Andi really was/is. I want to say, keep up the great work you, and you all are doing at DEBUG, I do have very heart felt thanks to you all for this, a memory in time that should not be forgotten.
-----Andrea A. Naharro Gionet-----6/11/1952 - 11/16/2013
God bless Her, and You All.----- Sincerely: C, Gionet

She was a Dear Friend A Sister by rite. She was a helper and a giver and a leader. She didn't ask for nothing what she wouldn't do herself or to help someone else. We miss your strength and we will remember you ALWAYS!

P.S. She needed help. not what she got. Its a sad day when ?

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