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Sonido Clash celebrated St. Patty's day on Monday March 17, 2014 with an all ages show and live performance by Las Kumbia Queers. Video: AD Avila Photos: Tiburon Zenitram

On Monday evening March 17. 2014, Sonido Clash kicked off St. Patricks Day week with a lively performance by Las Kumbia Queers, after their SXSW shows and also part of their national tour. This was their first ever visit to San Jose and let me tell you, they did not dissapoint. Their in your face cumbia styles and punk rock attitude had The Black Bird Tavern exploding with energy.  

Kumbia Queers' sound is getting more and more refined over the course of time, but they are still punk rockers at heart. For them punk is not simply a genre it is mainly an attitude, after all. Therefore they have no problem with mixing afro-cuban and Latin-American elements and reinterpreting them. They radically shift the meaning of traditional Cumbia and get rid of overtly romantic gestures and machismo. In this way they create their wild, unique style that mixes party with a political message.

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Photos: Tiburonfb #tiburonfb @tiburonfb

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