A Student's Guide to Common Core

Common Core is dramatically changing what standards students can be held to, what curriculum is used in the classroom, and ultimately how students may perform in the real world after they leave the campus. But what are students perspectives of Common Core, and what role do they see themselves playing in its implementation?

Silicon Valley De-Bug asked students what changes, additions, or improvements were needed at their school for Common Core to achieve its goal of educational advancement. Their ideas, opinions, and visions resulted in a first of its' kind publication called "We Have the Power to Raise This Up or Shut It Down."



Score my Core:

During the process of collecting these surveys on Common Core, we visited numerous High Schools in Silicon Valley. We entered the classroom and presented to classes and facilitating discussions on the topic of school and education. During this time, we would pass out the survey to the students. The survey allowed for the Students -- who are normally the receivers of assessment -- give their own assessment of school and how they feel things are being operated. The result was students feeling validated that their opinion was heard, tallied and accumulated. An even further result was the telling observations the students made.

The results of the survey had some key lessons that we can take away. The lowest average score of the survey was the question asking how well parents were being involved in school, especially around Common Core. This was an interesting finding and made us ask the question if there is disconnect between what happens at school and what goes on at home; how can parents contribute to the success of their student in school if they are unaware of what is happening in the schools? The results of this survey can be used to see what is working and what isn't through the eyes of students whom are the foundation of all learning and education. 
The Averages for each question were (questions can be found inside the survey above):
Q1: 2.95
Q2: 3.27
Q3: 2.99
Q4: 2.62
Q5: 2.94
Q6: 2.91
Q7: 3.08
Q8: 2.64
Q9: 2.39
Q10: 3.07
Q11: 2.91
Q12: 2.14

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De-Bug High offers youth perspectives on the issue of the day by tapping into the writers, artists, and visionaries going to our Silicon Valley schools.

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