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180 Turn Around: Yerba Buena High School

Silicon Valley De-Bug has had the honor and privilege of working with an extraordinary group of students in Yerba Buena High School's 180 Class. The 180 Class, taught by Charles Fowler, created a transformative experience for a group of YB students who were previously struggling in school and academics; this being the purpose of the class to give the students a 180 turn around. Now, these amazing students are achieving in the classroom and have found new purpose in not only their education but in their greater community as well.

"Los Disco Duro" A Cumbia Musical Reboot

Musical project "Los Disco Duro" literally translates to "The Hard Drives"; the sound they produce is a combination of Afro-Latin dance rhythms with the fast paced High-Tech culture here in the Bay Area. Catch their first performance in San Jose at Sonido Clash 6/6/14 #discoduro #sonidoclash #

Finding Work After 34 Years in Prison

After 34 years of incarceration, the author was anxious to start working and contributing to society. Read his story of re-entry, employment, and the motivation of a former lifer.

Street Raps: Probation Youth Release Through Rhyme

Tyrone and Johnathan, two young men living in a probation home, release their inner thoughts, pain, and truth through rhyme. They continue their journey of self-discovery and change through their raw, unfiltered writings. These writings are part of a running workshop series. Feel free to comment, and workshop facilitators will share with the authors.

Why Oscar Will Prevail

The buzz in the boxing world is that Richard Schaefer has just resigned as CEO of Golden Boy Promotions, the company he cofounded and helped build with Oscar De La Hoya. Richard Schaefer is credited as being the mastermind behind the success of Golden Boy, with his help making it the powerhouse that has steamed rolled over its rival company Top Rank.

LA Skid Row Residents: The Heart of Hope

Equal Voices story from David Bacon, highlights the sense of community among the low-income residents of Los Angeles’ Skid Row. Residents have come together to fight the loss of low-income housing, combat discriminatory housing practices, and even launch a community garden program. The in-depth story also includes powerful photos and video profiles of Skid Row residents.

De-Bug Brings Social Bio Videos to Texas and Missouri

Much thanks to the public defenders in Texas and Missouri who brought De-Bug's ACJP teams out to their states for us to share our social biography video concept.

Thank You Kevin

Figured the best way to honor Kevin Weston was to do what he always instructed: write.

Representing the Bay Area in the Global Day of Action to Stop the Drug War

June 26th was the Global Day of Action to end the drug war. De-Bug collaborated with Global Exchange and the Drug Policy Alliance to put out a video and an accompanying poster to be displayed in San Francisco about the impact of drug policy laws that are breaking apart families. The effort was a part of an international campaign to bring attention to the fallout of the drug war. To read more go to: supportdontpunish.org

Summertime For Us: Probation Youth Reflect

Summertime for most young people in high school is an exciting time to experience life and go do normal teenage things. For our youth at the probation home, summertime is a time of challenging emotions and personal growth. We asked the young ladies at the probation home what they thought about this summer and they responded in poem and writings. These writings are part of a running workshop series. Feel free to comment, and workshop facilitators will share with authors.
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