"Los Disco Duro" A Cumbia Musical Reboot

Musical project "Los Disco Duro" literally translates to "The Hard Drives"; the sound they produce is a combination of Afro-Latin dance rhythms with the fast paced High-Tech culture here in the Bay Area. Catch their first performance in San Jose at Sonido Clash 6/6/14 #discoduro #sonidoclash #


Los Disco Duro's dance floor approved sound re-interprets latin classics with analog synthesizers on a foundation of modern Afro-Carribean percussion laced with robot vocoder vocals. Drawing inspiration from 80s electro, and song material from key tropical selections, the Oakland group's Sonido Robótico has created an entirely new category that is equally at home wherever people dance cumbia as well as in the crates of electro connoisseurs.

Their first release covers a sonidero staple on the A-side and a rare Colombian guaracha on the flip. Both tunes have been completely reworked, replacing each big band horn line and accordion riff with ferocious synth leads and unapologetic vocoder vocals reminiscent of Grandmaster Flash's seminal electro record "Scorpio" from the early 80s.

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