Street Raps: Probation Youth Release Through Rhyme

Tyrone and Johnathan, two young men living in a probation home, release their inner thoughts, pain, and truth through rhyme. They continue their journey of self-discovery and change through their raw, unfiltered writings. These writings are part of a running workshop series. Feel free to comment, and workshop facilitators will share with the authors.

An interprative drawing of our session by Alex, a young artist also living in the probation home.


"Livin' Day by Day"
By Johnathan

I’m really getting it, I’m really getting it
on the block living, stacking chips
Livin life day by day, reminiscin’ of folks that passed away
Trying to get drunk and forget about the pain
but I’m still in this paper chase
Because I was raised in the ghetto, so everyday is a struggle
Living like a soldier, need to learn how to hustle

But I hear Moms cries everytime I leave home
Can’t go to sleep demons taking over my zone
I’m feeling paranoid
cops can come anytime and take me to the hall
while people say gangster’s don’t cry
I miss my dad, dropped a couple tears for you, ain’t gonna lie
Little sister looking up to me, following my footsteps
Older brother inside a cell, tattoos on my knuckles and across my chest


"I'm Something Inbetween"
By Tyrone

Mic Check 1,2, you gotta put your 2 feet down too
Walk your path, do it for you, not your dudes
Cause in the end you’re not alone with God’s eternity
And I’m not going back to where I used to be
People interested in me, for my talent now
I used to be a goddam punching bag, and nobody knew me for nothing, oh how
I wanted to clutch a weapon, but God wouldn’t let me
That’s not the path I walk, not the game I talk neither
Not a hood n****, nor a good n****, I’m something in between
I’m shooting for the top of forbes, that’s my dream
Trying to see some dolla signs, trying to see some dolla signs
MC Hammer time, no more cattin’, the gloves came off
I’m bouta walk the walk that I talk
No need to look back cause haters trying to slow your dude
Maintain your position in what you want to pursue
some dudes may never understand, not my concern
cause mine is the path I walk, not the lingo you talk
homie you in between me and the finish line
I don’t want to have to lay you down...
Enough about the negative what’s up with the new?
Group home chilling, waiting to bounce out and be free
I’m leaving that old me behind, sorry bruh you staying back
you going to get jet lagged
from my 1st class ambition, fly life thought I was leaving
N****s doing the same ish not even trying, they must be dreaming
Damn, I used to be that
Not no more, matter of fact, I don’t want to talk about the past
Now I’m ambitious, more clever than ever
They quite concerned why I’m so carefree
Cause they can’t break me, But that’s my goal, I wanted G’s
Now the goal is the way of a christian, in the land of the sinners
the goal is keep it real at all times


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