De-Bug Brings Social Bio Videos to Texas and Missouri

Much thanks to the public defenders in Texas and Missouri who brought De-Bug's ACJP teams out to their states for us to share our social biography video concept.

(Fernando Perez sharing De-Bug/ACJP's social biography video concept in Missouri. De-Bug also presented the concept in Texas on the same day.)

Special thanks to the Texas Criminal Defense Lawyers Association and the Missouri State Public Defender’s Office for bringing out De-Bug’s ACJP team last week to share our model of social biography videos to impact the outcome of criminal cases. On the same day some of our staff were presenting the concept in Texas, other staff (Jean Melesaine and Fernando Perez) were sharing with the public defenders of Missouri. What we found deeply inspiring was the profound commitment of these defenders to the rights of the least heard of their state. Particularly given the challenges and limitations around the courts (some obstacles of which we don’t see in California) these public defenders face tremendous battles to fight for the rights of their clients. Yet they perceiver through talent and will — and are bringing loved ones home to their families. We hope to build with them in the future, and are emboldened to see such strong advocates across the country.

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