Representing the Bay Area in the Global Day of Action to Stop the Drug War

June 26th was the Global Day of Action to end the drug war. De-Bug collaborated with Global Exchange and the Drug Policy Alliance to put out a video and an accompanying poster to be displayed in San Francisco about the impact of drug policy laws that are breaking apart families. The effort was a part of an international campaign to bring attention to the fallout of the drug war. To read more go to:

From Global Exchange:
The Support. Don’t Punish: Global Day of Actionseeks to promote a more effective and humane approach to drugs that is based on public health and human rights.

The campaign was organized by a coalition of NGOs calling on governments to put an end to the expensive and counter-productive war on drugs. According to estimates, the drug war costs in excess of $100 billion annually to enforce and has failed to diminish drug markets or reduce use.

These events are a counterpunch to the United Nation’s International Day against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking. 

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