Summertime For Us: Probation Youth Reflect

Summertime for most young people in high school is an exciting time to experience life and go do normal teenage things. For our youth at the probation home, summertime is a time of challenging emotions and personal growth. We asked the young ladies at the probation home what they thought about this summer and they responded in poem and writings. These writings are part of a running workshop series. Feel free to comment, and workshop facilitators will share with authors.

"I Want To Remember This Summer"
by Desiree,

This summer I plan to go on a lot of recreation trips with the girls from the group home like going hiking or to the beach. The cool part of it all is that I’ll be able to do this stuff sober and actually remember it all instead of being blacked out drunk, waking up the next day like “Woah, what happened?” I’ll actually be able to remember the fun stuff and talk proudly about it. What I hope to get from this summer is to actually be more myself without having to be loaded and to be able to bond with the girls. I’m not going to lie, I’ve been feeling so alone since I’ve been here. Even though I’m starting to get along with the girls, I just can’t shake the feeling of loneliness and that’s why I’m looking forward to this summer. I’m hoping by being active I won’t have that feeling anymore.


"I Want This Summer To Be Different"
by Karina,

Well I want this summer to be different

Because I’m always in the streets with the hood

slanging, paper chasin’, smoking, and choking

Either that or incarcerated

it’s time to suit up, It’s time to suit up

It’s either time to suit up or It’s time to have little fun

no more incarceration, or paper looking

Start looking for some chuckling, you feel me?

I hope you do

Life is crazy so no more toking,

lean is my journey not my destination.


"I Get This Chance"
by Anonymous,

Laughter, smiles, energy, cuteness is all what a lil kid should have,

and what I never got the chance to have

Hatred, pain and sorrow is all I felt,

but I’m not letting a memory drown me down in pain

A kids laughter sings as if it was music in my ears

Because I always get the joy to hear other’s cheers

Summer felt will be surrounded with laughter

and a memory I get to have to replace the ugly childhood I never had

I get this chance of a successful life

May seem hard at the start,

but I can’t ever explain

the feeling you get once you’re doing it for yourself


"Today’s A New Day"
by Anonymous,

The sun rises in her tired eyes

just another day

The unnoticed faces walk down

in fear and shame

just another day

the coldness of her heart feels to crack

a little more with just a thought,

just another day

The uncontrollable nerve inside her

wants to let go

Just another day

One last twist

one last grip

one last goodbye to the old life

today’s a new day…


"Can I Go Home?"
by Vanessa,

Now, where to go…

Can I go home?

Love doesn’t live here anymore,

and the feeling gets pretty cold

You see the hatred in my eyes

but hardly see me cry

It’s getting harder to grind

but I still manage to get mines

I’ll hardly let you know there’s pain inside

I don’t know how much longer I can hide

Will I still get my shine?

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