De-Buggin' NYC with the Albert Cobarrubias Justice Project

Thanks to the Bronx Defenders, the New York Federal Defender's Office, and the New York Federal Criminal Defense Bar for inviting De-Bug to come out and share our Albert Cobarrubias Justice Project model of organizing and our social biography video concept. Looking forward to building across the coasts to transform the courts!

Recently, De-Bug’s ACJP was invited to share, connect, and build with some great legal advocates in New York: the New York Federal Defender’s Office, the Bronx Defenders, and the New York Federal Criminal Defense Bar. We were honored to share our work from the Westcoast, and see how our approach to transforming the courts can be interpreted, and woven into the already tremendous advocacy happening in New York. We started with a presentation, training, and discussion with the Bronx Defenders. We discussed our methodology of community organizing, and given that they are known for the concept of “holistic defense”, we talked about our style of a term we are called “participatory defense.” We got to brainstorm and dialogue with their organizers who are spearheading campaigns to protect the rights of the community. We also did a workshop on our social biography video model. At the New York Federal Defender’s Office, we gave a day long interactive instructional training on how to produce social biography videos to their team of attorneys, investigators, and social workers. They took right to it, and we are looking forward to see them produce social biography videos to reduce sentences and charges. Our final day was a presentation to other federal defenders — both public and private — on the process and value of social biography videos. It was an amazing trip, and we look forward to building more collaborations that ultimately are about keeping families together, transforming the courts, and challenging mass incarceration! Here are some flix:

Presenting at the Bronx Defenders.

Talking organizing with the Bronx Defenders.

NY Federal Defenders working on producing a mock social bio video.

Presenting at criminal defense bar convening.

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