When Teachers Support Students Out Of Their Own Pockets

When Charles Fowler, Yerba Buena High School teacher spent money on his students for class projects they wanted to work on, he didn't care so much about his finances but more about his students need. Now he's fundraising so he can continue the work he's done with his students with this fundraiser.

As the summer begins, I have to reflect on the things my classroom lacks to support students most basic educational needs. Last year was an amazing year I was blessed to witness many students success thanks to the community that supports them. I with great humbleness open my classroom again to the community outpouring support that is necessary for it to be successful. 

All the donations will go to purchase the following items for the students of my classes.
Pencils, Paper, markers, pens, notebooks, reading books (fiction and non-fiction), classroom set of “A peoples History of the United States” by Howard Zinn, folders, binders, dividers, high lighters, backpacks, USB drives, scissors, glue, crayons, poster boards, poster papers, construction paper, printer paper, ink cartridges, P.E. clothes for my 180 students, extra blank shirts and jackets, food, water bottles, pencil sharpeners, dodge balls, kick ball, other sports equipment for several in class and out of class community building activities, calculators, headphones, and much much more.

If you cannot give money I would much rather take tangible donations to put in my class! so feel free to give me all your old school supplies!

One thing I will be changing this year is giving back to those who give to my class. For the first 50 people who donate at least 10 dollars or more you will receive a small poster and a tee-shirt. I have a limited supply of t-shirts from adult sized small to XXL. If you make the payment and message me your address or contact information I will do my best to get you both of these Items as you are just as much a part of my class as my students. I truly believe that it takes a community to truly teach and learn from youth. Please take the time to spread this message and continue to support our youth so they can rise to revolutionary greatness.
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