San Jose Independent Police Auditor Launches Petition to Bring Oversight to CHP

After a video of a woman being beat by California Highway Patrol went viral, Judge LaDoris Cordell, the San Jose Independent Police Auditor, launched a petition to compel state officials to bring civilian oversight to the largest police force in the United States.

The recent beating of a mentally ill woman by a CHP officer that was caught on video is being investigated by the CHP without any independent review. The CHP is the largest police force in the U.S., with nearly 8,000 officers. When the police police themselves without any independent oversight, there is no check on their power and authority. Independent civilian oversight is the check on that power.

See the petition to The California State House, The California State Senate, and Governor Jerry Brown, which says: "Establish a state agency to provide independent civilian oversight of the California Highway Patrol. "

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