Bringing Social Biography Videos to Alabama to Reduce Charges and Sentences

We recently had the opportunity to travel to a historic touchstone of the civil rights movement — Montgomery, Alabama — to work with and train six public defender offices in producing social biography videos to reduce charges and sentences.

Some of the participating offices are brand new, born from a call from the community to create public defender offices in order to better protect the rights of the indigent, while others have had decades of history of advocating in the courts. We are excited to equip these offices — long-standing and new — with this tool as they advocate for justice for their clients. Here are some flicks, from our great connection in the South!

Jean sharing the concepts of how to tell a family story for the courts.

Adrian sharing points around shot selection and broll.

Attorneys start camera work on a mock case, with Fernando walking them through the interview process.

(Attorneys make the best actors)

Now that the footage is shot, participants learn how to edit.

Adrian and Jean's small group look at their work on a timeline and make cuts.

Alabama Federal Defender's "De-Buggin' the System!"

Making connections between community stakeholder and defender offices! Here, our friend Debra, who runs Women of Power, gives her info to Christine, Head of the Federal Defenders. These connections is what will tip the scales of justice.

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