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Leaving My Undocumented Life, Starting My College Life

DeBug's own, Adrian Avila at San Jose State University. He made history as the first person in his whole family lineage to attend a 4 year University and has overcome all the struggles as an undocumented youngin' crossin the border with his mama, who raised him as a single mom and still able to be a successful artist, graphic designer, and business owner.

To My Loved Ones: Probation Youth Write

At the probation youth homes, youth are not allowed to leave on their own free will so they rely on visits from loved ones to stay in touch. We had conversation about how hard it was for them to not be able to see the ones that they love and we asked them to write about their loved ones. These writings are part of a running workshop series. Feel free to comment, and workshop facilitators will share with authors.

"No More Fences, Build Homes" -- High School Students Send Message to San Jose Officials

After drawing both local and national media attention, the City of San Jose recently started building fences around one of the largest homeless encampments in the nation known as "The Jungle" . A group of high school students, R.A.D(Regeneration Against Destruction), who volunteer to assist the homeless, decided to send a message opposing the City's fencing by making a sign posted around the encampment that reads, "No More Fences, Build Homes."

The Anatomy of an 'Un-Organization': Explaining #DebugScience

De-Bug's Raj Jayadev was asked to write a piece for Equal Voices News about De-Bug's approach and philosophy. In an opinion essay, Raj cites the Spurs and Buddha.

The Beautiful People: A Probation Youth Writes

Briana, a young woman from one of the probation youth homes, writes a beautiful piece about beautiful people. These writings are part of a running workshop series. Feel free to comment, and workshop facilitators will share with authors.

The California Drought: Tips on Saving Water

Youth video makers Sarah Shader and Lindsey Segal won second place in this years Santa Clara Valley Water Districts youth art contest. The contest was part of a larger public information and education campaign by the district to increase awareness about the severity of the drought among young people and to promote easy water saving tips to conserve water.

Lost in the Aftershock Festival

The Aftershock festival is a music event put together by Monster energy drink, and we sent one of our photographers on an adventure to cover it in Sacramento.

"Are You Tired Yet? I Know I Am!" College Professor Reflects on Ferguson

LaQuisha Beckum, a college professor at De Anza Community College in Cupertino, reflects on Ferguson, race and politics a month after unarmed Mike Brown was shot and killed by Ferguson Police. As unrest continues in ferguson, LaQuisha gives her commentary.

School Without Internet is No School At All

Sept. 9th, in San Jose, Ca, the 4th Annual "Youth Tech Summit & Expo" came to town. I had a chance to attend one of the seminars called "Connecting Children & Families - Internet Essentials" hosted by New America Media to bridge the digital gap and bring together the digital community together all across the country. It is an attempt to try to get families with no computer and internet, access to these digital tools. The seminar made me think of myself growing up in a household that didn't have a connection to the world wide web.

The RZA, Fish Tanks, and Long Walks -- A Young Man's Key to a Life of Legacy

Latino College Prep High School student, Adrian Chavez, writes on who he is and how he wants to be remembered. While reflecting on these topics, Adrian expresses the struggles he deals with while he grows into the man he wants to be. These writings are part of a running publishing series. Feel free to comment, and publishers will share with authors.
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