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Articles Published on September 23, 2014

The RZA, Fish Tanks, and Long Walks -- A Young Man's Key to a Life of Legacy

Latino College Prep High School student, Adrian Chavez, writes on who he is and how he wants to be remembered. While reflecting on these topics, Adrian expresses the struggles he deals with while he grows into the man he wants to be. These writings are part of a running publishing series. Feel free to comment, and publishers will share with authors.

Watch Marshalese Poet Kathy Jetnil Give a Powerful Speech At The UN Climate Summit, Receiving A Standing Ovation

Kathy Jetnil, a Marshalese is a mother, a poet, and a activist from the Marshall Islands in the Pacific. She wrote a letter to her daughter about the climate changes happening on her homeland. Out of hundreds Kathy was selected to speak in front of the UN.
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