Antique Naked Soul: Soul Music Is Alive and Well Chillin' In Oakland

A band that makes the Bay Area and all the great Soul music legends that ever lived proud, "Antique Naked Soul". Antique Naked Soul is an Oakland based independent beat-boxing band featuring singer/songwriter Antique, renown beat-boxer Tommy “Soulati” Shepherd and two singers Jayme Brown and N’gala McCoy.

Helping Otis Redding and Nina Simone's playlist in heaven, check out Antique Naked Soul's live performance at Studio Grand in Oakland (missing one of their key members on this night Tommy "Soulati" Shepard)

Antique Naked Soul at Studio Grand Oakland from SV De-Bug on Vimeo.

Check out their album on Bandcamp

For more info on upcoming shows and their artist residency at Studio Grand like them on their Facebook page

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