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How My First Felony Leads Me To My First Time Voting

Author, and re-entry specialist, Stacey McGruder caught a felony for petty theft for taking clothes for her baby at the age of 18. She then was caught in a cycle of incarceration for 19 years. She says Proposition 47 can stop the revolving door of California's prison system, and allow for needed intervention for people instead of incarceration. She will be voting for the first time this election.

The Bay Area Goes Orange and Black

If you didn't feel the city of San Francisco go quiet for a couple seconds during the evening of last Wednesday, you probably weren't watching the San Francisco Giants in the last game of the World Series. Literally 5 minutes after, this was the reaction from the neighborhood.

Why I’m Not a Goth – and Why You Probably Aren’t Either

Edith Wharton wrote classic Gothic literature like All Souls, but she wasn’t part of an underground subculture. Anne Radcliffe wrote The Mysteries of Udolpho, but she didn’t paint her nails black.

ATL Lawyer Cuts 25 Year Sentence to 3 with Use of ACJP Social Biography Video Process

Much respect to Gideon’s Promise warrior Anna Kurien of the Fulton County Public Defender’s Office, who after attending a workshop we gave on how public defenders can make social biography videos to reduce sentences, took the plunge and tried one for the sake of her client. Anna is a profoundly committed advocate, and we had great conversations when she would call to get feedback on interviews and production, and she spent weekends getting footage with her client and family. Read her story to see her remarkable results!

The Best Hip Hop Show I've Ever Seen: "The Smokers Tour"

Nov 8th at the Regency Ballroom in San Francisco, I attended my first 'Smokers Club Tour'. A tour that has been around for the past 5 years, where legendary hip hop artists collaborated with the 'New School' artists  blending wavy performances that's a must see for any fan of hip hop. 

The Seahorse Fraternity Series

De-Bug recenty met a young attorney named Joseph Abrams out of Alabama who is part of team putting out a powerful video series on fatherhood they call "Seahorse." Check out the trailer, and follow them on social media. He writes, "Why are we called Seahorse? Well, in nature, male seahorses actually become pregnant and give birth to their offspring.  Because of this unique trait, we're using the term “Seahorse” as a new expression for human fathers who are just as dedicated to the child-rearing process as male seahorses are in nature. Therefore, as an organization, and through our film projects, Seahorse is dedicated to honoring and celebrating involved fathers.Please check out the trailer below for our forthcoming film for more details. And make sure you follow us of social media."

Remembering Antonio Guzman Lopez: Family of SJ State Police Shooting Death Holds Birthday Celebration

On November 15, 2014, Antonio Guzman Lopez's family gathered to celebrate what would have been his 39th birthday. In February of this year, Antonio was shot and killed by San Jose State Police officers Mike Santos and Frits Van Der Hoek. Antonio left behind his partner Laurie, and his children -- 5 year old Josiah and daughter Angelique. Almost 7 months later, the Santa Clara County District Attorney has yet to complete their investigation as to whether the shooting was justified. In the meantime, his family -- through the leadership of Laurie Valdez -- launched the Justice for Josiah campaign to seek accountability for their loved one's death. A humble man who loved his children above everything, Antonio was remembered last Saturday among family, community, and supporters who pledged to support Antonio's family through the long road ahead.

The Cholo Goths Invading San Jose

San Jose based collective Sonido Clash brings new sounds to downtown scene. Prayers (San Diego) + A.D.M. (Synth Pop) DJ V-Rock (SoCal), DJ Basura (Needle to the Groove) and the SC residents Turbo Sonidero, EazyUno, Chatos 1013.

Challenging Corruption at San Jose State University: How a Strong Campus Movement Can Save this Vital Public Resource

A perspective on the recent controversy surrounding the San Jose State Justice Studies Department co-authored by a professor, student organizer, and recent graduate.

A Message To The City of San Jose: "Everyone Deserves A Home"

R.A.D (Regeneration Against Destruction) a student collective at Yerba Buena High School has a message for the City of San Jose due to the threats of closing down "The Jungle" (a homeless encampment) with no plans to house Jungle residents. Check out the message these high school students want the city to know.
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