The Cholo Goths Invading San Jose

San Jose based collective Sonido Clash brings new sounds to downtown scene. Prayers (San Diego) + A.D.M. (Synth Pop) DJ V-Rock (SoCal), DJ Basura (Needle to the Groove) and the SC residents Turbo Sonidero, EazyUno, Chatos 1013.

Warning! If you are going to see a Prayers performance - People should know they break stereotypes! After wrapping up an amazing show in Las Vegas with Hip Hop legends “The Pharcyde,” Prayers lead singer Rafael Reyes commented that at first he wasn’t sure how the hip hop crowd would receive his Cholo Goth music project, it turned out to be one of the best experiences he had musically. “I can’t wait to return,” Reyes said. During his stay in the $40,000 a night Hugh Hefner suite overlooking the Las Vegas skyline, where he partied with record industry execs, models and millionaires, but all the praise and adoration from the world, he says won’t change who he is and what he represents. Reyes still lives in the San Diego neighborhood he was raised, and lives in the same garage where he has filmed some of his music videos that show the gritty reality of growing up in one of the toughest areas.

San Diego-based Cholo Goth pioneers “PRAYERS” is a band comprised of Rafael Reyes, and Dave Parley. They are responsible for creating the Cholo Goth sound which is a mixture of in-your-face, punk rock cholo attitudes, paired with 80’s dark synth rhythms and gritty lyrics. I have never met a more authentic and real artist like Reyes in all my life. His story is as real as they come, from starting a vegan mexican restaurant, to spending time behind bars, and taking care of his now deceased ill father, Reyes has published two books, and explored the occult through his art.

Rafael Reyes, born in Cotija, Michoacan and Dave Parley from Tijuana have been busy touring and performing throughout California. They have two published albums, “Prayers SD Killwave” and “Gothic Summer”. Reyes does not struggle with topics and themes for his music, it comes naturally to him through his life experiences and as he describes it, “just getting things off my chest.” “The future looks so bright, I needs to start wearing shades at night,” says Prayers front man Rafael Reyes, 39.

Prayers will visit San José, CA on November 21, 2014. The show will take place at the San Jose Back Bar, once the famous Cactus Club and will feature DJ V-Rock from San Diego, DJ Basura from San Jose, Latin Synth Pop group A.D.M. and also the Sonido Clash residents Turbo Sonidero Futuristico, Philthy Dronez, Eazy Uno, Mex Tape, Chatos 1013, and DJ Tlacoyo.

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