Infographic: Downtown College Prep Students Oppose Moving of Campus, And Say It Will Harm Their Education

The San Jose Unified School District has proposed moving the campus of Downtown College Prep -- a charter school located in West San Jose aimed at increasing college enrollment for youth of color. While administrators have debated the issue, DCP students have decided to make sure their voice was heard on the issue. Kymeira Stewart, a junior at DCP, created a student survey and conducted it with 200 students. Students also wrote commentary responses to each question. See the infographic for the results. 

Read through some of the responses to the following survey questions:

What can we as students do about DCP moving?

"Prove to the district that the Hester site is worth saving."

Malcom X once said, "early I learned if you want something make some noise."

"We can keep fighting. DCP students are warriors. The district needs to notice our efforts in our community that we've made, to not move."

What are your general thoughts about the move?

"I personally disagree with the district and anyone saying that the move is good and will give us a bigger advantage because of the bigger campus over there. The campus has nothing to do with the system of education, it’s what the students and the teachers do and demonstrate. Taking our campus is disrespectful to us, they don't take into consideration how we feel, how we'll be affected."

"I feel the district is inconsiderate. The proposed site was built for 100 students and our current campus has over 420 students now."

"My sister graduated from here. I want to be the second one in my family to graduate because I want to make my family proud, as they were when my sister graduated."

What will you miss most about DCP at Hester if it moves?

"I will miss the neighbors walking their beautiful dogs. I will miss the nice elderly people that walk by and say hello. I will miss the trees when it's autumn and the clear sky when it's summer. I'll miss the little hill you have to walk up just to get to the cafeteria."

"I'll miss the amount of space available and the resources that are being provided for example the lobo lab, college lab, alumni center, computer lab, garden, and the chicken coop."

"I would miss the campus because of all the memories that have been created here that I will never forget. I will miss our community."

For more on the student effort to keep DCP where it is, go to:

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