Poetry: You are Dream

Continuing our celebration of Women’s History Month we bring you the poetry of local writer, Farah Gowani. Listen as she reads her poem, You are Dream, a poem that gives her much hope for men, women, children – everyone.

You are dream

You are hope

You are dream

You are purity bathed in sweet buttermilk

You are colored by turmeric and the reds of henna

You are the rose on a pillow

His aspirations for a home full of laughter and joy

You are your parents’ ideals, their respect and understanding

You are intelligence, education, wisdom

You are the colors of a shining rainbow after the rain

You are the touch of a child- his innocence and excitement for the world

You are the eyes that always believe in the goodness of people

The kindness in their hearts

You are dance, the beats of the heart

You are the smiles of friendship and laughter in stories told by a fire

You are the warmth of his hug

You are the playfulness in his jokes

You see his kind nature and hear his beating heart

You are the gentle breeze on a hot summer day

You are the hope that never gives up even when faced with hardship

You are the dream that wants to live

You are a survivor

You are strength

You are freedom in an eagle‟s wings

You are the song of a nightingale

You are an artist‟s painting, a sculpture of beauty and life

You are healing herbs and medicine

You are Paris or Rome- the ways of romantics

You are the golden gate- majestic, enlightening

You are the exotic jungles of Africa

You are love, inexplicable, beyond imagination

You are life that continues to breathe through my heart and soul

You are hope

You are dream



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