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Moments from May Day Around California You May Have Missed

From Santa Rosa to San Jose, Oakland Ports to San Francisco and Los Angeles a group of activist photographers hit the streets to take photos as communities marched for International Workers Day, with signs of different issues from police violence, raising the wage and climate change.

PHOTOS: San Jose State Students March in Support of Justice for Josiah

On May 4, 2015, the Justice for Josiah Campaign, Laurie Valdez, students from San Jose State University, and supporting community delivered demands for transparency and accountability for the death of Antonio Guzman Lopez. Antonio was killed by San Jose State police officers on February 21, 2014. Nearly 15 months later, the District Attorney has yet to complete their investigation and file charges on the officers. SJSU students marched from the site that Antonio was killed (Eighth and San Salvador), through campus, and into the Administration building and demanded to speak with the members of the Executive Committee of the Academic Senate. Laurie, her 5 year old son Josiah, and SJSU Student Leader Gary Daniels were able to deliver the demands to the surprised officials.

Video: EYES ON THE MOVEMENT: Images from Bay Area Activist Photographers

For the last six months, a group of photographers have come together to explore photography, class consciousness, and social justice. Our perspective is that photography is an important tool for radical social change, if it is produced by photographers who are part of the social movements they’re documenting, and if their perspective is to expose the injustices of the system, to show how it can be changed, and by who. We believe that photography can help communicate what power can look like. Images have the ability to help working people understand their world and its power relationships, and to appreciate their own power and movements for change. Photographing social justice movements has a long tradition -- not just in the United States but worldwide. We walk in those footsteps of history, and hope to keep exploring our role and responsibilities as photographers and organizers embedded in the movements for social justice. On May 1st, our collective organized our first show, "Eyes on the Movement: Images from Bay Area Activist Photographers," displaying social justice movements we're a part of across the state - from the organizing of recycling workers in Alameda County to fast food workers across the Bay Area and LA, police accountability, immigrant rights and housing for all. The exhibit is up at Studio Grand, 3234 Grand Avenue in Oakland, California until June 15. We will have another event on June 11 to further build the connections between photographers and social justice movements.

The Video Every College Reject Must Watch

We remember Tam from when he was in our Schooling the Schools contest, now he’s motivating high school seniors who may have gotten rejected from their choice schools in an awesome video.

As a Mother of Three Black Sons, Thank You Marilyn Mosby

Gail Noble, a mother and community organizer, weighs in on State Attorney Marilyn Mosby's recent decision to charge six Baltimore officers with the murder of Freddie Gray.

The Rock and Roll Hall of Shame: 13 Songs That You Probably Had No Clue Were Anti-Female

Christopher Patrick Nelson spent his teens and early twenties immersing himself in rock culture — magazines, books, album liner notes, and black leather jacket. A music genius of some sorts, he converted to Islam that got him serious about feminism, and had to reconsider the songs of great Rock artists that he once loved.

A Black Mother Moved to Action For Her Sons, When The Killing of Other Unarmed Black Young Men Is Too Much

A mother of two young sons is moved to action unable to continue to sit by and watch innocent lives being taken by those that are supposed to protect them. Ennaoj is determined to make a difference so that her boys know that their lives matter.

We are Regeneration Against Destruction: Yerba Buena Youth

Regeneration Against Destruction is a youth based collective from San Jose, CA. Members of the collective have been working since 2013 to regenerate their community against some of the destruction they see everyday. Starting with free markets to provide free materials to homeless folks at the jungle, San Jose R.A.D. has now expanded its work into urban gardening projects and youth programs. It will continue to grow as the seeds of regeneration are in all of us and community will always regenerate against those forces that destroy us. Please consider working with us to challenge corruption, inequality, injustice, oppression and violence in our communities!

The Key to Tidal’s Survival is Versatility, But It Needs a Free Option

As Jay Z goes all out to bring on more subscribers to his music streaming service Tidal, adding a two date concert to stream live, music lovers say a free option is key to its survival.

Join San José in Honoring the Life of Local Leader Sofia Mendoza this Sunday

San José recently lost Sofia Mendoza, a pioneer in community activism and organizing. In some ways, the work De-Bug and other San Jose organizations do around police and community relations is a continuation of the work pioneers like Sofia Mendoza. We have been blessed to be able to work with Sofia during her time and continue to build with her son, William, as well. Below, Fred Hirsch, a longtime labor rights leader, shares a short tribute to Sofia and William invites the community to his mother's memorial. The memorial in honor of Sofia's life and dedication to San Jose and its people will be held this Sunday May 17th at the Mexican Heritage Plaza 2pm – 7pm. The event is open to the public.
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