A Black Mother Moved to Action For Her Sons, When The Killing of Other Unarmed Black Young Men Is Too Much

A mother of two young sons is moved to action unable to continue to sit by and watch innocent lives being taken by those that are supposed to protect them. Ennaoj is determined to make a difference so that her boys know that their lives matter.

A still shot from the video 2014: Unarmed & Killed by Police

As a mother of two young males ages 8 and 15, the recent murder of another unarmed black man, concerns and frustrates me on several levels. I have noticed that my boys have begun to speak about the injustices more and ask more questions regarding their safety, what will happen to the police officers involved, and what will happen in the communities where these protests are taking place.

The message that is being played out in the community about young Black men being shot by police like Walter Scott, choked until they can't breathe by police like Eric Garner, charged with alleged crimes without justice being served is the wrong message. I counter that message by stating that all young black men have so much potential to do more than what is being portrayed in the media. They are not all criminals who have arrest records. They come from families who love and care about them. They are students in middle school like Tamir Rice, high school like Treyvon Martin, and college aged like John Crawford. These men are veterans like Anthony Hill who served our country, and women like Michelle Cusseaux whose mother called for help for her mentally ill daughter and instead she was killed. Closer to home, in San Jose they are undocumented workers striving for the American dream so their families have a better life like Antonio Guzman Lopez. They are hard working adults whose tax money is used to pay the salaries of the same police who are murdering them. We must change the images that are being portrayed of our young men and women by standing up and making sure that America knows the Black lives matter - all lives matter.

I am glad to see an indictment has been made in Baltimore, but I am cautious in pronouncing a victory because that's just the first step in the process, and previous indictments have not led to charges being filed against police officers involved in murdering unarmed black men. I am hoping this is not the case in Baltimore.

My first level of concern is that I am uncertain that my child is safe anywhere in our country from being killed if he is stopped by a police officer since this has occurred in various states in America. The police are supposed to protect and serve, not murder and disregard the constitutional rights of American citizens. The second level is the protesting perception that is being played out in the media. The majority of articles and reports focus on the negative aspects such as looting, instead of investigating the underlying cause of why unarmed men and women are being murdered by police officers without justice being served. This leads me to my third level of concern and frustration, there have been too many cases where the killing of unarmed men and women by police have gone either unreported in the media or the investigations lead to police officers not being charged when they are indicted. My final concern is that when communities, organizations, or people attempt to protest the injustice that is seen from police officers that are not being charged, the cities are being placed under military protection, curfews are being established, and police are joining together to condemn the victims instead of taking a stand and admitting the injustice.

I would like to make a difference by finding out what kind of legislation changes we need to make, whether it's statewide or national but there definitely needs to be some changes to protect our children. I believe meeting with leaders from Congress and the House of Representatives would be a start, since we elect them we need to make sure that our voices are heard. Another area of change is making sure that all police uniforms are equipped with body cameras that are unable to be manipulated, so that all police encounters are recorded for public record and protection of both police as well as citizens.

As a mother I do not understand this and I cannot continue to sit by and watch innocent lives being taken by those that are supposed to protect them. While I understand and believe that not all police abuse their power, we as a people need to stand up because all lives matter. There is a need for change in our country’s police force, so that these injustices do not continue. I plan to make a difference so that my boys know that their lives matter. 

Below is a link for a video that I hope inspires readers to take action against such injustices.

2014: Unarmed and killed by Police

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