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Articles Published in June, 2015

San José Should Increase the Power of the Independent Police Auditor

As our current Independent Police Auditor, Judge LaDoris Cordell steps down, "we are entering arguably the most fluid moment in recent history for San José police-community relations," says Raj Jayadev. Read the op-ed he wrote for the Mercury News calling for greater civilian oversight in San José.

An Open Letter from a Samoan ‘Caitlyn’- Jaiyah Saelua

Jaiyah Saelua is the first "transgender" soccer player to compete in a men's FIFA World Cup Qualifier in 2011, she was featured in the award winning documentary following her American Samoa team, "Next Goal Wins". With the recent media buzz of American olympic athlete Bruce Jenner's transition gracing the cover of Vanity Fair magazine, she writes an open letter on the subject of fa'afafine, and the third genders in Samoa and the South Pacific to her community.

The "Dusty Shoes" of San Jose Icon Sofia Mendoza - A Memorial

Sofia Mendoza is a San Jose icon, before police brutality was caught on cell phones, before CopWatch, there was Community Alert Patrol -- which Sofia and other San Jose community leaders started. Her pioneering work changed San Jose for the better. Watch the short video put together from her memorial and read the moving speech given by her friend and longtime labor leader Fred Hirsch. Rest in power Sofia.

A Spoken Word Invitation to the US Social Forum Held in San Jose

Check out Saline Chandler's powerful spoken word piece that communicates the message of a national movement and serves as an invitation to join the US Social Forum, which will be held throughout the month of June. This year, San Jose, along with Philadelphia, will serve as convergence points for the forum -- drawing movement-builders from across the country. As forum organizers write, the forum,"is not a
 conference but it is a space to come up with the peoples’ solutions to the 
economic and ecological crisis."

San Jose High School Student's Stories of Struggle and Regeneration

San Jose R.A.D and Reyes Muertos Klothing co-sponsored a night of art, youth empowerment and celebration. The 180º Program at Yerba Buena High School ends every year with a celebration to honor the youth who've transformed themselves into better people. This year they did it with an art show.

Langilangi: The Master Seamstress of Little Tonga In East Oakland

Langilangi, is a seamstress from Nukualofa, Tonga and has raised her family in East Oakland's well known neighborhood, "the Shady 80s." She is continuing the long tradition of making traditional dresses and ngatu (bark cloth) in her own backyard, as she dresses almost every Tongan family in the Bay Area.

Things We Do For Money, A Photo Series by Andrew Bigs x Baylingual

Things We Do For Money is a photo series created to show the complexity of how we use money in all aspects of life, including the accepted and unaccepted. This photo series was a collaboration between Andrew Bigs and Baylingual.

The Cannery: A Historical Community of San Jose Arts and Culture Prepares to Say Goodbye

The Cannery is about to shut its doors for good. Known for its historical production of canning fruits and vegetables from the late 1800's well into the late 90's, it has also played a major role in San Jose's most shape shifting facets of arts and culture, from bicycles to rapping to street fashion. Daniel Zapien and Andrew Bigelow interviewed some of the folks saying their last goodbyes.

The Problem With the Term 'Transracial'

With the controversy surrounding Rachel Dolezal, former president of the Spokane Washington chapter of the NAACP, a new conversation about the idea that a person could transform their ethnic identity to whatever ethnic group they identify as is taking over social media. Contributor Hector Gonzalez, warns that the acceptance of transracial identity is especially troubling for people of color, when our realities in facing injustice has not transcended race.

Oakland Curfew Disappears With A Warriors Win (VIDEO/PHOTOS)

Its been over 40 years since the Golden State Warriors have won a national championship, and with the recent Black Lives Matter peaceful protests and rallies for the national tragic events from senseless state violence, the mayor of Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf called for a curfew...except for last night.
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