Prop 47 Is A Collective First Step In Undoing Years of Damage To The East Palo Alto Community

On Saturday, June 13th, over 100 community members attended the Prop 47 Record Clearance Clinic in East Palo Alto. Proposition 47 was passed by California voters in November 2014 that reduced certain felonies to misdemeanors, including drug and theft offenses. Being able to remove these felonies allow folks to release the scarlet "F" -- making them eligible for benefits like housing and immigration, licenses, and opening up their possibilities for employment. Moreover, Prop 47 marks a step in reversing damage done to a community like East Palo Alto that has been dramatically impacted by drugs and heavy handed enforcement. It was also fitting that the event was held at Free At Last, a drug and alcohol recovery program founded by community residents -- including the late David Lewis, the late Priya Haji, and Dorsey Nunn. Many thanks to the organizations that helped put together this event! Check out this website for more information on Prop 47 --

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Daniel Zapien is a San Jose native photojournalist who has worked for DeBug for over 5 years. He runs the youth editorials teaching how to tell your story through writing and documentary stroytelling through video and photography.

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