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Dear Donald Trump - An Open Letter from Chingo Bling

Chingo Bling, artist and entrepreneur wrote an open letter thanking Donald Trump for what he says is motivation for Mexican people across the country to organize and mobilize. "Your statements have caused a deep thunder that is rippling from barrios in Norte Carolina to Liberal Kansas to the offices in Silicon Valley,"  he writes, "thank you for reminding us that we alone hold the power in our hands."

You do Open Mics? Pshht..

Open Mics was never my thing when I usedta perform my music, you could have called me a snob. In fact I only went every once in awhile because I knew someone performing, but other than that you would never catch me there. Mostly because I thought Open Mics were boring and played out. But hanging out with the artist Andrew "Amplified" Vicente and Brandon Scott for two weeks with their love for performing anywhere including Open Mics, helped change the way I thought of it.

East San Jose Apartment Fire Exposes Continued Negligence

A June 25th fire caused by electrical malfunctioning at the Sunny Apartment complex in East San Jose, that left two children burned and to jump from their second story window, has exposed a myriad of long standing unsafe conditions. Tenants are coming together to improve their living conditions at the complex.

Downtown San Jose Tenants Deliver Demand Letter to Management

Downtown San Jose tenants, with support from the San Jose Solidarity Network are taking action against uninhabitable conditions. Year after year tenants face rent increases and live with infestations of roaches, bed bugs, and mice. Management is unresponsive and blames the tenants for the problems.

The Factual Lies of Donald Trump

Every provocation provides an opportunity of deeper reflection, and Marcos takes us there with his commentary on Donald Trump's recent controversial statements. In full defense of immigrants, he reminds us of a deep disconnect with truth in the U.S. and the projections made on groups of 'others' - "the words of rape and crime are the words of a deeply rooted pathos in the psyche of America," he writes that," after the end of slavery were used to further the constant persecution of freed men and women, who to this day have to live under the threat of an absurd fear."

The Key To The Future of Farming: "Aquaponics"

8 Year old Amita Gowda is probably doing what most of us should be doing, figuring out ways to better the environment. On a trip to Ouroboros and School Grown Farms she talks about her discovery of "aquaponics" a farming technique that might be an answer to helping us grow plants and fish at the same time.

"Viva La Vida" – Maiz's Annual Frida Kahlo Fundraiser Bringing People Home

Movimiento de Acción, Inspirando Servicio (movement of action, inspiring service) also known as, MAIZ, has been organizing their annual Frida Kahlo fundraiser in honor of the great Mexican artist held in San Jose for years. Community organizer and writer, Cynthia Cruz writes about her first experience at the powerful event and how it brought her "home" as a young, queer Chicana.

The Dinner Table: The Classroom On Privilege and Racism for White Families Across America

Last night MTV premiered Jose Antonio Vargas' show, "White People" exploring white people and white privilege across America. The dinner table was an ongoing theme, a Washington family speaking with their son about his white privilege workshop for the first time, an Italian family in Brooklyn, friends sharing spaghetti meeting their friends black friends for the first time. Writer Andrew Bigelow weighs in on why it is at the dinner table where the conversations of learning and discomfort must happen with families like his across America.

What Happens After Sentencing? A Road Map for Appeals and Post-Conviction Advocacy

A long-time De-Bug friend with extensive experience in state and federal criminal appeals and collateral post-conviction advocacy gave an incredible workshop as part of our Participatory Defense Training Series for families whose loved ones are entangled in the criminal justice system. The following is a road map specific to California of what options there are after sentencing, a description of what happens at that stage, applicable case law, and what can help towards relief.

"Prayers" answered in San José with event produced by Sonido Clash

For the past 6 years In downtown San José a local collective called Sonido Clash has been organizing cultural entertainment events for the community. This July featured Cholo Goth group "PRAYERS" out of San Diego, CA and Xuxa Santa Maria from Oakland, CA.
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