Imagine SJ Showcase RECAP #1 "San José Music"

A collaboration between Future Arts Now, Kooltura Marketing, and Knight Foundation, the ImagineSJ Showcase is a monthly event series providing a platform for San José’s newest most innovative thinking, whether it be in the arts, technology, non-profit or small business. Be a part of tonight's Imagine Sj showcase called Food+Drink from 7:00-8:30pm at the SoFa market.

Last month, a crowd gathered at the SoFa Market in downtown San Jose to attend the Music Showcase, the first in a series of three events called ImagineSJ organized by Future Arts Now and Kooltura Marketing with the sponsorship of the Knight Foundation. An engaged audience listened to panelists responses focused on the challenges the entertainment scene faces in downtown San José.


The next ImagineSJ Dood+Drink is tonight Wednesday August 5, 2015

The diverse panel for the 2nd installment of Imagine SJ Dood+Drink features Ryan Sebastian (MVBL Feast), Zach Lewis (Garden 2 Table), Ryan Summers (Good Karma Artisan Ales & Cafe), Peter Estaniel (Hermitage Brewery), Adolfo Gomez (Mezcal Restaurant LLC) and Candy Gomez (TeaLyfe) will be discussing up-and-coming trends in San José's food/drink scene, as well as shating their short list of favorite local restaurants and bars.  

In addition to the panel dicussion, there will be a food and drink tasting component called "Taste the Scene," as well as an invitation to do a real-time poll of the best San José eateries. 

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ImagineSJ Showcase is sponsored by The Knight Foundation and The School of Arts and Culture at MHP and is an #iPledgeSJ event

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