"Exodus Of The Jungle" -- Documentary Premieres at San Jose State

The documentary premiere, "Exodus of the Jungle" following the lives of those homeless residents who were swept out continues their story of searching for a home. Hundreds of folks in the community showed up for the premiere and dialogued about solutions around the housing crisis happening in San Jose. To learn more about how to show the documentary at your venue, contact: andrew@siliconvalleydebug.org


The room was packed with hundreds of community members.

Anthony King, former Jungle resident and homeless activist on the big screen.

Long time resident of San Jose, who suffers from physical and mental health, college graduate, he's a radio host of his jazz show on KSJS, longtime host of San Jose's Music In The Park, San Jose Blues Week founder. He fought long and hard, to obtained a housing voucher from the city that even the Metro wrote a piece on him in 1999 about how hard it was to get a voucher. Fast forward to 2015 and just a few months ago his landlord no longer accepted his housing voucher and he was forced out of his home. Since March, this San Jose legend has been been homeless.

Panelists Robert Aguirre, former Jungle resident, Andrew Bigelow, homeless advocate and artisr and Yolanda Guiterrez, former Jungle resident answer questions from the audience.

Longtime Jungle resident, Yolanda Guiterrez only wish now is to be with her kids in Mexico.

Photographer Kymeira Stewart, waiting to get her hands on the camera.

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