Renter's Organizing Workshop in San Jose's District 7

Students from DeAnza College along with the Affordable Housing Network, and part of the Silicon Valley Renter's Coalition, presented a renter’s rights organizing workshop on Saturday, Oct. 17th - educating tenants on their rights and the need for stronger protections in San Jose's Apartment Rent Ordinance in a time when a quarter of families who rent in San Jose spend more than half their income on rent.


Renter's Rights Coalition of Silicon Valley

Statement of Principles 

San José is experiencing a rental housing crisis of historic proportions. Rents have been increasing at 10% or more every year since 2010, with no end in sight. The average two‐ bedroom apartment rent here is now over $2500.

A quarter of San Jose renter families pay over half their income for rent, causing needless suffering, overcrowding, stress, code violations, dislocation, and often homelessness. Renters priced out of our city are forced to commute long distances to work here, clogging our highways and damaging the environment and our quality of life. A recent study shows that homelessness in our region costs local governments over half a billion dollars a year.

This is a humanitarian crisis.

The City of San José should respond to this crisis by:

  • Reducing the annual increases allowed by San José’s Apartment Rent Ordinance from 8% down to no higher than 2%.
  • Requiring landlords to demonstrate just cause before terminating tenancies, as required in other large California cities.
  • Ensuring that the Apartment Rent Ordinance’s rent stabilization protections cover as many housing units as possible, including smaller units and units rented to Section 8 voucher holders.
  • Ending discrimination against tenants with Section 8 housing choice vouchers and other housing subsidies, either by ordinance or by effective incentives.

Strengthening San José’s rent ordinance is a cost effective solution that will stabilize rents for tens of thousands of working families, seniors, people with disabilities, and others at risk of displacement. It will also stem the erosion of San José’s affordable housing stock.

San José’s existing rent ordinance is far weaker than those in other Bay Area cities and there is no legitimate reason why our city’s renters should be denied the same protection provided in nearby communities.

We must act now to prevent displacement of low‐ and moderate‐income tenants, and to promote the stability of our neighborhoods, by passing strong renters’ rights protections.


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Liz Gonzalez is a San Jose based writer and holistic healing practitioner, she leads a weekly meditation circle at De-Bug on Tuesday nights at 7:30 pm.

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