Photography Exhibit Entitled "Status Update" Depicts Change and Inequality in the Bay Area

The Bay Area is booming. Riding waves of tech innovation and venture capitalism, residents are speculating and accumulating faster than ever before. Yet, as some drive growth, others struggle to survive it. Anxieties about the rising costs of living abound. Rapid change can be invigorating, but it can also alienate and divide. Status Update emphasizes the perspectives of local and outside artists currently working in the region.

Curated by Pete Brook and Rian Dundon, Status Update produced by Catchlight, is a new exhibition of photography and video about change, chance and inequality in the San Francisco Bay Area.  Presenting the work of fourteen local and outside artists currently working in the region, below is a sample of what to expect from some of the featured artists in the show. Check out the Status Update site to see the schedule of events this weekend.

Former foster youth Sade Daniels, photographed at age 26, keeps the number 255 written on the bathroom mirror in her Hayward, Calif., apartment as a daily reminder of the weight problems she has battled since the time she was prescribed psychotropic medications as a teen growing up in foster care group homes. “When I look back as an adult at who I was when I was initially diagnosed and given the medication — I needed love,” Daniels said. “Nobody really sees that hurt girl, or the one who truly just wants her mom to get her act together and to get off drugs, or who wants a family, something stable. The system relies heavily on medication to do a job that parents are supposed to do.” She was photographed in her home in June 2014. By Dai Sugano

Oakland, California 2013 from an ongoing project following Shannon Fulcher. By Sam Wolson

Erik Aburto. San Francisco County Jail 5. San Francisco, California.  (From the series, Take a Picture Tell a StoryBy Robert Gumper.

Still from the animated GIF series, Tapered Throne. By Brandon Tauszik

Students crowd the bleachers for an academic assembly at William C. Overfelt High School in San Jose, Calif. 2015. From the series, 'Common Core in Silicon Valley' The Common Core, an education model focused on group learning and critical thinking, has been implemented in more than forty states nationwide. Photo by Rian Dundon.

Students play victims of drunk driving as part of the Every 15 Minutes safety demon- stration at W.C. Overfelt High School in East San Jose, Calif., March 2015. By Rian Dundon (From the series, Common Core in Silicon Valley

Anna Louisa Urbina. San Francisco County Jail 2. San Francisco, Calif. By Robert Gumpert. (From the series, Take a Picture Tell a Story

Ronald “Elder” Freeman in his West Oakland home. March, 2013. Freeman was a founding member of the Los Angeles Black Panther Party. He passed October 8th, 2014. By Pendarvis Harshaw.(From the series, OG Told Me

About Catchlight

Catchlight uses compelling photography to bring attention to social, political, and environmental issues and invites everyone to participate in the search for positive change. Harnessing photography's natural narrative power, Catchlight identifies the best, most committed visual storytellers around the world and brings resources to support the creation and distribution of their work.

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