This Week in Peace, A Column by San Jose's Peace Dancer

This Week in Peace chronicles the exciting adventures of a champion – one, Khalilah Ramirez, Dancer of Peace. Written under divine inspiration, this column contains true stories of peace encounters in your neighborhood. The Dance of Peace is performance art designed for one purpose: Peace in every heart. It is meant to engage people. It functions to start a dialogue about peace. It exists to do and be art and to introduce the bright and shining energy of peace to all who are watching. Bringing awkwardness and then dissolving it in an instant.

Khalilah performing with her drumming group, Akoma Arts.

"The Dance of Peace" is a spiritual work, performance art and community service done in the spirit of Divine Peace. It was born in San Jose, CA in 2006 as the answer to life’s big questions: What is my purpose? How can I find significant meaning in life? How can I improve myself? Can I impact the world around me in a positive manner? Since that time, the Dance of Peace has maintained a weekly performance in San Jose. 

This past Sunday a very special nighttime Dance of Peace took place in downtown San Jose at 2nd Street & Paseo de San Antonio. This is the usual Sunday location for the Dance of Peace, however this week was extraordinary because of the live musical accompaniment. Walt, San Jose’s own “Flute Guy” is a veteran flute virtuoso and long-time personal friend. He plays his flute outside the Camera 12 every Sunday. We worked together seamlessly to make this beautiful, live art happen while he played all-time favorite songs like “The Rose” and “Starry, Starry Night.”

Among the many things that make the Dance of Peace a great thing for all of us is the way it brings people together. It brings Walt & I together, along with his music. It brings strangers together as they look over and discuss what they are seeing between themselves. It brings the citizens of San Jose together as we experience the high and tangible vibration of peace that comes from this art. During a break in our performance, a teenager with a group of friends shouted, “Play some more! It made my stomach stop hurting!” If the Dance of Peace can make a teenage belly feel better, it was a definitive victory that night.

The Dance of Peace wants you! If you see the Dance of Peace in your neighborhood, school, or community event, run over and contribute a few steps of your own! One person dancing for peace in every heart is good. Two people are officially a team. It is such a simple way to contribute to a positive endeavor in our troubled times! Thanks and see you out there!

Dancer of Peace in front of San Jose's Martin Luther King Library
Khalilah performing the Dance of Peace in front of San Jose's MLK Library.

Join the Dance of Peace Twice a Week on Tuesdays and Sundays!

  • Tuesdays at 2:30pm at San Carlos & Meridian
  • Sundays at 4:30pm at Second St. & El Paseo de San Antonio in front of the SJ Rep Theater


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Thank you, cousin, for allowing me to have peace vicariously through you every time I see you dance. I miss you and love you dearly. I'm so proud of you. Keep on dancing, cuz!


Khahlila. I am so proud of all of your success.Your continued work inspires others to use their thoughts, actions, and words, in the spirit of peaceful dialogue.

So many artists today try to make peace important by using vulgar language and dismal imagery. Although the intent for some of those artists is to show the negative effects of poor human choices in the larger community, thinking that those stories will prompt others to work towards greater integrity, sadly that intent is lost in translation for many people; mainly due to a poor choice of medium, aggressive music presentation, etc.

The dance of peace, like you've mentioned, is a living, breathing transformer of the inner causes of pain and hardship. In a few simple, yet elegant movements, the message of peace is transmitted, the work for peace is extended to all people; not extended to a minority, not just extended to a majority, the dance of peace is offered to all beings, near and far, unconditionally. Viva the Dance of Peace!

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