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This Week in Peace is a weekly column chronicling the exciting adventures of San Jose's own Dancer of Peace, Khalilah Ramirez. Written under divine inspiration, this column contains true stories of peace encounters in your neighborhood. The Dance of Peace is performance art designed for one purpose: Peace in every heart. This week's performance had Khalilah reflecting on our ability to transform suffering by taking action.

Khalilah performing at San Jose History Park

Greetings to all who are reading! This is Khalilah, dancer of peace, here to relay tales of awesomeness taking place here in San Jose.

This week the Dance of Peace took place on the streets of 2nd and San Carlos in downtown San Jose. Silver and gold light filled the sky at sunset. It was a day for families, many people were touring with their loved ones. One of the highlights of the Dance of Peace is meeting people. On this day, I met two teens. Both of them stayed for the entire hour-long performance. One of them asked permission to take a short video. This was novel because normally folks simply record without a word, which is OK. I told him this and he said, “Well, I was afraid that if I didn't ask, you would see me and try to make me dance.” The three of us laughed heartily about this, but inwardly I wondered, 'Is dancing really so scary?'

Perhaps the answer is yes.

There are times when, even after years, I get nervous at my post. When this happens, I jokingly tell myself that no one can see me. This is not necessarily true, but I am willing to tell myself anything in order to ensure that my work gets accomplished.

Moments later I saw a friend from high school with her family. We chatted happily and during our talk, a couple came over and handed me a rolled up dollar bill saying, “Here you go!” This small action inexplicably delighted everyone in the group! I thanked them and told them that this dollar was now officially 'peace money' having been given and received through the spirit of peace. I take each bill home to decorate and then send back into circulation, more beautiful, and ready to be a gift for the next person. This was an uplifting moment of unity for all of us!

decorated peace money 

Another visitor came toward the end of the dance. This was a person that I have encountered repeatedly over the years and discussed life and liberty with. I felt that we had a good rapport, although we don't know each other’s names. He told me about his struggles with homelessness and his family. I said, “Well, here's a song for you. It describes the struggles that we all go through.”

He looked at me squarely and solemnly and said, “You don't struggle like I do, I know that!” I started the song anyway and hoped that it helped.

It's true that not all struggles are equal, however, difficulty and challenges are a universal part of the human experience. These are things that all of us relate to, as common as eating and drinking. If we choose, we can compare less and empathize more. We have the power to help transform suffering on many levels by taking action, large or small. The Dance of Peace strives to lighten whatever suffering it possibly can with a simple and expansive offering of peace. Anyone, anywhere can activate this power within and that is both the mystery and the answer. Thanks and see you out there!

Join the Dance of Peace Twice a Week on Tuesdays and Sundays!

  • Tuesdays at 2:30pm at San Carlos & Meridian
  • Sundays at 4:30pm at Second St. & El Paseo de San Antonio in front of the SJ Rep Theater

Visit http://www.thedanceofpeace.org/


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This Week in Peace, Dec 9th, 2015

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Beautiful job Khalilah! Love Tee Penny

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