The Day of Print: San Jose's Screenprint Showdown

January 30th, 2016 will be the "Day of Print" screenprint. Screenprinting is one of the oldest ways of transferring ink to surface. To this day T-shirts are still printed using this old practice. With squeegees of ink and screens in hand, five San José screen teams comprised of print houses, local retailers, educators and community organizations will be screenprinting their in-house San José designs on-site and folks can vote on who will become the San Jose screenprint champions.

Screenprint Showdown from Content Magazine on Vimeo.

Dive into this video teaser of what will unfold on January 30th – a Day of Print – a day that will represent our community’s vision of what San José is by creating art, tapping into our own personal experiences of San José, with public participation from artists of all levels and ages.

The Screen Print Showdown is urban, multicultural, and progressive. San José is in the midst of a cultural renaissance and has long been the center of technology and underground art culture. Now is our time to show the world and represent our place through symbols – symbols that need to be spread, stamped, and imbedded on surfaces of all kinds around the Bay Area and the world. Now is our time to be an icon recognized by many.

The following locally-grown organizations who are making artistic and socially conscious impact on our city on a daily basis, will be throwing down their unique symbols in a fierce but friendly competition for the Showdown in a separate contest from the public’s submissions: The School of Visual Philosophy - San José’s center of image creation; Silicon Valley De-Bug - a hub of social activism, art and entrepreneurial production; Authentic Imprints - a 40+ year old custom apparel company; and CUKUI - San José Japantown’s gallery space where streetwear and cultute intersect.

The contest calls for San José's creatives and culturalists to submit designs that answer this question in a way that is moving and precise, accessible to all: What's Your San Jose? Make Your Mark.

The Screenprint Showdown believes in the power of San José's screenprinting culture and its ability to distribute the city's cultural identity in a way that is meaningful and inclusive.

For more info or to enter the contest check out:

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