Amazing Photographs of Reclaiming of MLK Day

This weekend, activists across the Bay Area took part of #96hours reclaiming MLK Four day weekend. Folks from The Black Seed collective, a black, queer liberation collective shutdown the Bay Bridge successfully in protest for what is currently happening to people of color in the Bay Area and across the country. Amazing photographer and activist, Brooke Anderson was there to capture history in the making.

An officer takes apart an altar that was placed for victims of police violence. Posters by artist Oree Originol were placed of Mario Woods, Alex Nieto, and Almicar Perez-Lopez were San Francisco residents and fatally shot by SFPD.

Traffic on the Bay Bridge halted as folks chained themselves together to get the message through.

Please stay updated and support the fund as the Black Seed collective will need funds for legal fees from the protest.

Read the Black Seed Collective's statement on their protest to close the Bay Bridge

To see more of Brooke Anderson's photos from the actions this weekend click this link.

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About Brooke Anderson

Brooke Anderson is an Oakland, CA-based activist photographer who uses photos to tell the stories of unsung heroes/heroines in struggles for social, racial, economic, and ecological justice. View her work at: Like her facebook page at:

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So proud of those activists! We must do better in our governmental actions against blacks and other minorities. #NormalizeTolerance #BlackLivesMatter #NonViolentMindsets

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