Childlike Aliveness with the Dance of Peace

This Week in Peace chronicles the exciting adventures of San Jose's own Dancer of Peace, Khalilah Ramirez. Written under divine inspiration, this column contains true stories of peace encounters in your neighborhood. This week the Dance of Peace starts off at Cambpell's Sunday Farmer's Markets, spends time with a Peace Dancer in San Francisco and delights children at the Discovery Museum.

Greetings to all! It's time to engage with the energy of peace by relating the joyful, true adventures of the Dance of Peace. There was a time, not long ago, when tales of peace dancing only encompassed the experiences of one person. In its never-ending quest for expansion, however, the Dance of Peace has grown in participants. This is an exciting development for everyone involved, as well as for those who are witnessing!

Our first stop is a local one, the Farmer's Market in downtown Campbell. To my knowledge, this Sunday market is about 15 years old, year-round and famous. Back in 2007, it was one of the first places ever to host the Dance of Peace. If you haven't visited this market, it's worth checking out as one of the friendliest in existence. There was no plan in place to meet another dancer this day. I simply planned to offer the Dance of Peace to whatever music was live at the market that day. My friend and fellow peace dancer Michael had only planned to browse the recycled bookstore. We were delighted that synchronicity had brought us together! After contributing funds to the musician on duty, we launched into the Dance of Peace right away. In a space that was relatively confined, a Dance of Peace featuring two dancers felt like it was much more noticed by people. Some people were busy recording it. Others stood stock still, transfixed in the moment. There was an unspoken trust there, made obvious by the fact that parent encouraged their children to play and dance with us. Parents who were guiding young ones often engaged in dancing too and it was blissful to see this. Let it be known, however, that you don't need children to participate in the Dance of Peace. It is appropriate for all ages!

Two days later I traveled to San Francisco to meet with Sophie, another friend who is active in the Dance of Peace. The idea was to interview her about her experiences with the Dance of Peace for an upcoming documentary, now in progress. Extensive questions about how we met and what her experience with the Dance of Peace feels like were discussed. However, we were impressed and amused by the way Sophie summarized the experience using only four words and free-form movement. Genius!

Khalilah and Sophie              Peace Dancers Khalilah and Sophie 

On Thursday, the Dance of Peace was featured in the Children Discovery Museum's annual "Kids Like to Move It!" week. This is a glorious highlight because unlike the typical stage performance where the 'talent' is featured and everyone watches, this was all inclusive. The children became the stars of the program. They ranged in age from 3 to around 10 years. This age group is particularly ripe to feel the effects of peace. They got along effortlessly, which seemed miraculous enough, but things got interesting when it was their turn to lead the dance. The sincerity of their effort was touching as was the care they displayed toward their younger siblings.

One little girl, who called herself Bellawolf, was particularly unique. She was five years old with a brother, age three, who she was watching over. When it was her turn to lead, she captured the children's attention by howling and leaping into the air. She was also an experienced drummer and lightning fast runner. She had given herself a special haircut where all of the hair was short and the front was arranged in asymmetrical ringlets. It's not that Bellawolf was any more special than the other children participating that day. She wasn't, nor did she try to be. What made her unique was the manner in which she shared her spirit. She was uninhibited yet non-competitve. Everything she did was accomplished with joy and fullness of self-knowledge. We all have the potential to be this way, especially when we dwell in the spirit of peace. The possibility for childlike, unselfconscious aliveness is always with us. We don't have to break into a spontaneous leaping dance to find this freedom (though I personally recommend creating opportunities to do that, too!) We can find it wherever we are when we express from the heart in the universal spirit of peace! Thanks and see you out there!


***New Hours/Location for the weekly Dance of Peace Performances:
Sundays 11am, Campbell Farmer's Market 
Tuesdays 12 noon, San Carlos and Meridian, San Jose

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Where is the location for dance of peace in SF? I thought I saw one in front of Bayview Opera House.

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