Even the Mundane Mingles with the Spirit of Peace

This Week in Peace chronicles the exciting adventures of San Jose's own Dancer of Peace, Khalilah Ramirez. Written under divine inspiration, the column contains true stories of peace encounters in your neighborhood. This week the Dance of Peace joined in a celebration of culture at San Jose State's International House and this gave way to sharing personal experiences on kindness to strangers and even other species.

Greetings to all and welcome to This Week in Peace! This column officially chronicles what happens when you mix performance art, the intention of peace and daily life in our modern world. The results can be unpredictable, elating and downright zany!

In this installment, we check in with the Dance of Peace as it unfolded at San Jose State's International House. Every year the International House features a fundraiser breakfast with foods from across the globe. Students and guests dress in the colorful clothing, native to the countries they represented. There is something about many nations coming together to break bread and learn about each other that is inherently peaceful. Curiosity and sharing can easily open the door to love and understanding. This is what this fundraiser is all about, which makes it the perfect place to launch the Dance of Peace. Over 40 countries were represented. It was noisy in the hall where everyone was eating so it was fun grabbing peoples' attention by standing up on the piano bench. After a short briefing about the purpose of the dance, the music begins and it iss bliss. It's bliss to see faces turn away from their bacon and eggs and watch as peace washes over them. Little ones left their parents' sides and sat down on the edge of the makeshift stage to get a closer look. It is a high honor to have the trust of young ones and parents as the Dance of Peace strives to enrich children's experience and imaginations!

Khalilah performing at the International HouseKhalilah perfroming at the International House

As a peace dancer who writes for the public, I always strive to keep experiences universal and shy away from personal tales. However, this week it was obvious to me that my personal experiences beyond the Dance of Peace were an important part of sharing that spirit. The spirit of peace affects life in ever changing and various ways. Some are subtle and small, yet all of them are relatable to anyone who desires to create more peace in their lives and hearts. The following are two (hopefully) entertaining stories of the power of peace beyond dancing:

Recently, there was a snail lodged on my front door. Instead of recoiling in horror, I carefully removed it with bare fingers and put it safely in the dirt. It was my hope that this location would help it to have a better quality of life. This experience was insightful because I dislike seeing and handling mollusk. In my heart, though, I am beginning to feel for all sentient life and lack any drive to kill these mysterious creatures. Witnessing myself act in these new ways brings ever more hope that hearts can change. It seemed that there really could come a day when human beings of power (namely, all of us) will behave with respect toward other species.

On another day, I was at home passively paying bills over the phone. It was a 'nothing special' kind of vibration until a lady named Jane answered the phone. After the normal bill paying process ended, she commented about how great it was that I paid my bill ahead of time for the past two years and thanked me profusely. As anyone who pays their bills knows, NO ONE EVER SAYS THANK YOU! She was totally sincere and I was astounded. When she said the required, "Is there anything else I can do to help you ma'am?" I asked, "Can you tell me what city and state you're in right now?" I was curious whether her amazing attitude was part of some special regional training program.

Jane asked, "Me, ma'am?"


"I am in the Philippines right now, ma'am."

"What! Are you really in the Philippines right now?!"

Jane laughs, "Yes, ma'am. It is 1:15 in the morning right now. We are working at night."

It blew my mind, that a young lady would be cheerful, polite and excited while working in the middle of the night. I tell her this and she laughs even more. We discuss my American life. I tell her the time and that I was eating breakfast and going to work soon.

"Well, enjoy your work ma'am," she says.

"You too, Jane from the middle of the night!"

This nickname delighted her and we both laugh heartily, sight unseen. In different time zones and on different continents, across space and time our realities merged through an action which absolutely holds the power of peace. Laughter! Giddy and pure. This was no email. It was two human beings, strangers to each other, laughing at the irony of life. Priceless!

May these tales of the more mundane aspects of life mingle with the spirit of peace inspire all who are reading. The spirit of peace contains limitless possibilities for sharing. Let's be on the lookout for opportunities to be kind to strangers and other species whenever we can. Thanks and see you out there!


***New Hours/Location for the weekly Dance of Peace Performances:

Sundays 11am, Campbell Farmer's Market 
Tuesdays 12 noon, San Carlos and Meridian, San Jose

Swing by her upcoming performance at Iguana's Thursday March 24th

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