Casa Chikimalas: A San Jose Badass Women's Collective

Maryela Perez, Estrellita Muñoz, y Cristal Olivas are Las Chikimalas. With intentions of love and growth, Casa Chikimalas is a collective of ladies in San Jose that opened their home as a space for art and music. They work to create a space in which people can connect and collaborate while exposing their art and creating community.

“Women hold a special kind of magic and power. If we want to see any kind of changes in our community we really need to strengthen the solidarity that we have with each other,” Olivas says in the video. The group has created the type of safe space they want to see in San Jose through art and healthy relationships. Check out their self produced video in honor of Women's History Month. 



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Awesome. Can't wait to collaborate on something creative.

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