The Dance of Peace Spreading Magic in Santa Cruz

This Week in Peace chronicles the exciting adventures of San Jose's own Dancer of Peace, Khalilah Ramirez. This week the Dance of Peace went over the hill to Santa Cruz and drew others like a magnet to share in the spirit of peace.

Greetings to all! Welcome to This Week in Peace, a column that explores the exciting possibility of peace in the moment of now.

Peace can take many forms. It is often called ease, contentment, or fulfillment. This Week in Peace strives to relate practical ways of fostering the state of peace. By reflecting on our real life experiences of peace, we can learn to recreate this circumstance more often. Because it is such a lighthearted energy, peace easily gains momentum as we practice it. That is a goal worth striving for!

The past two weeks have been filled with wonder for the Dance of Peace. The wonder that this activity contains always stems from the beauty of art and nature, the intention of giving and sharing, as well as the joy that comes from working with others. Downtown Santa Cruz was the location for this particular dance. In this beach community, street performance has always been a part of the culture. While setting up, I notice something here that the regular dance locations lack; other performers!

A young man to my right was selling jewelry and playing drums. He watched the Dance of Peace for a while then decided that more people should be out doing such things. When he vocalized this, he was recruited right away to help spread peace in every heart. “What do I need to do?” he asked.

“Basically, you'll find the light inside and shine that.” These simple directions were enough. He picked up his drum, playing a cheerful rhythm in the spirit of peace. A spontaneous collaboration coming together for the high purpose of art and brotherhood is the magic that the Dance of Peace is born from.

Peace Dancer with gray-haired activist 

It may have been the drums that sounded the call of peace to other activists. Drums represent the heartbeat. Their vibration is welcoming and expansive. In a short time, a gray-haired man appeared. He was wearing a sign on the front and back of his body that mentioned the value of love. He carried a flag with a picture of the Earth on it. This stark artwork depicting our planet clearly displayed the dream of unity. It acknowledged the truth that we all live together in one world. He tapped his feet to the drums, radiating calm. Although friendly and smiling, this man was completely silent. He did not speak a word but let the music, intention and actions speak for him. May we all be so grounded!

Next, a lady with two dogs walked by. She was wearing an entertaining flower hat. She had a handmade sign that read, “Protect children, not guns.”  In response to inquiries regarding her message, she was very vocal about her concerns. The state of world affairs made her worry about future generations. Who would keep our children safe? Who would effectively lead the nation? Who would care for her little dogs when she was gone? Though the weight of these questions brought tears to her eyes, she remained optimistic. 

Maintaining hope is another aspect of peace that we can share. When people around us express their fears for our world, instead of giving them the latest statistics, we can give them compassion. Let us be proactive in uplifting others. Each of us has our own ways of dealing with the problems of the world. Know that the things that we think and speak about are the things that grow in our environment. Each day, we can spend time focusing on all that is good and right! Thanks and see you out there!

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