De-Bug's Pop Up Editorial at Imagine SJ Poetry Gathering: Poetry Saves Us All

We were excited to take our new Pop Up Editorial – where we meet people where they are already gathered and start conversations about the important issues in their lives – to Imagine SJ’s event focusing on poetry in San José. We circled up for a candid conversation about poetry and how it helped poets not only see the world, but find community.

De-Bug is rolling out a new form of local journalism — we call them Pop Up Editorials. We are taking our editorial meetings outside of the building and into the community (events, bus stops, barbershops, wherever) to meet people where they’re at and have conversations about the important issues in their lives so they can produce media in the moment. 

We got to be a small part of the Imagine SJ Speaker Series on Spoken Word Poetry featuring inspirational local poets at Anno Domini gallery in downtown San Jose. We gathered the panelists: Asha Sudra Finkel, Educator and Revolutionary; Arlene Biala, Santa Clara County Poet Laureate; Tshaka Campbell, Spoken Word Poet; and Eric Rummelhoff, Lead Poetry Editor of Reed Magazine for an impromptu conversation on how poetry has impacted their lives. 

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