My Dungeon Shook Writing Workshop

In true DIY style and recognizing the power of writing, this zine is incredibly thoughtful and reflective of the intimate space created with genuine curiosity and vulnerability. Check out the first zine from the My Dungeon Shook writing workshops at downtown San Jose's LGBTQ Youthspace.


My Dungeon Shook, a new collaborative writing project, facilitates writing workshops for youth. With a strong emphasis on self-publishing, My Dungeon Shook also archives writing from workshops through the creation of collective narrative zines.

We facilitated our first witting workshop at the LGBTQ youth space in downtown San Jose; a resource center that hosts events and serves as a safer space for LGBTQ youth in the South Bay. In this workshop we discussed and wrote about experiences in which we have felt othered.

In pairs, we described differences and unique qualities that we possess that make us feel empowered. It was our partner's job to listen and write the response in first person, from the perspective of the partner speaking.

Stepping outside of ourselves and listening to someone else's experience, we can attempt to build bonds of solidarity and in that same process create a more powerful unified voice. Though our struggles may not be the same, we must celebrate our difference in order to understand how we may be alike.


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